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Front wheel is off of a 2013 CRF450. Has 240mm front rotor. Rear wheel is off of a 2015 CRF450R. Comes with spacers. Both wheels are in good shape. Bearings are good, minor scratches from tire changes. $400 for the set or will sell separate if needed. ($175 front, $225 rear). Call or text 330-883-4790 for more info.
Well, it's been a long time that I've tried to kill a deer with a recurve. Between a lack of time to shoot, or this or that, it took me years to make it happen. Lost my grandpa this year and that kind of lit a fire under me to kill something with his, that he bought new in 1966, bear polar 40# recurve. I also decided it would be on the ground or nothing. Tonight I had a pair of youngings come in for supper. They were less than 12' away at times as I was tucked into a bush just west of the trail they stood on. Talk about shaking like a leaf. Yes, a yearling made my knees knock. It was my moment of Truth I've been waiting for. God and grandpa guided that arrow right threw both lungs of my...