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Ultimate dual sporter: new 350cc 4-t

Discussion in 'Dual Sport, Off-Road & Trails' started by WebZ, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. WebZ

    WebZ PR Member

    All-New 2011 Beta 350 RR
    Dazzling power output combined with excellent handling and superb durability
    February 10, 2011
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    Only one year after the launch of the RR line of Beta enduro bikes equipped with the first four-stroke enduro engine exclusively manufactured by Beta, the range is now enriched with a brand new model: the 350 RR.

    The all-new 350cc four-stroke project required a longer period of development as Beta’s research and development ambitions went far beyond the idea of simple range extension. The goal was to create a modern 350cc four-stroke engine which combines the qualities of a 250cc four-stroke with the reliability of a larger displacement motor. Over a year of designing and extensive testing has gone into producing the potent off-road powerplant which brings with it tremendous potential. Light, flickable handling, excellent useable power and plenty of low-end torque
  2. BigW571

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    so how exactly do i get a job as a tester at one of these facilities?

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