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Lightning raceway harescramble april 3rd

Discussion in 'Dual Sport, Off-Road & Trails' started by LightningRaceway, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. LightningRaceway

    LightningRaceway PR Addict

    8:00 am: Sign up starts
    8:30 am: Parade lap for pee wees and mini quads
    9:00 am: Pee wee bikes
    9:30 am: Mini quads
    10:00 am: Big bikes
    12:30 pm: Mini bikes
    2:00 pm: Big quads

    physical address:
    82587 craigo rd
    tippecanoe ohio

    for more info call 740-922-1661 or 740-229-0026
  2. IMRiz

    IMRiz PR Member

    Cleveland, Ohio
    I'm goin, Husky to win! Husky's love harescrambles and it is good practice for enduro's and dual sports.

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