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Canton Ohio – May 7th and 8th Hare Scramble

Discussion in 'Dual Sport, Off-Road & Trails' started by voyagerider, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. They are having a hare scramble in canton ohio on may 7th and 8th and new racers race free! They are also giving away 4 Vacations on a 5 Day Carnival Cruise to your choice of Nassau, Ensenada or Cozumel!
    The website is www.supernationalracing.com
  2. mgorman

    mgorman PR Member

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    I did my very 1st race at this place all the way back in 1982. Back then it was called the Bear Creek 100, it was 100 miles or 4 hours, which ever came 1st. The event was sponsored by Dirt Works and I raced a 1979 XL125s in the 125 class finishing 6th. Even got my picture in Cycle News (crashed!) I wonder if these old bones have anything left to give for one more try?

  3. mxmom518

    mxmom518 PR Member

    What a complete waste this race was. No organization at all, no guidance on which trails to follow. Big bikes ran a half hour late. Over half of the riders had to quit because this outfitl decided to run them through some of the largest mud pits at Bear Creek. This facility has way more to offer than what was shown to these racers on Sunday. Hope the quads had a better experience. Shoulda went to Malvern Saturday night instead......

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