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Action Sports Grand Prix May 1st

Discussion in 'Dual Sport, Off-Road & Trails' started by ActionSports, Apr 28, 2011.

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    Athens, OH
    Attention riders and spectators:

    The Grand Prix scheduled for this Sunday May 1st is still on. The forecast shows the rain should end Wednesday night and there is wind and sun predicted the rest of the week. We will chisel and bulldoze the entire track, so expect great conditions this Sunday. Remember this track is great for spectators. You can see the riders at least 4 times per lap and we have real time announcing during each event. We will put a virtual lap of the track on our website Saturday evening if everything goes as planned. Go to www.ActionSportsRacing.com or call 740-594-6686 for more information. We will update all information as soon as possible.

    Due to an increase in almost every race related expense we will regrettably increase the price of sign up by $5 for the first class only. The registration cost for the second class will remain the same at $15. The admission charge will also remain the same at $10 per person. We wanted to announce this before the event to avoid a surprise at registration. Again we are extremely sorry.

    We will video tape the start of every class in every session this year and post the video along with podium photos of the top 3 riders in each class on our website.

    Leghorn’s, the newest Athens area bar and grille, and a new sponsor to Action Sports will host the official “After the Race Party” after this Sunday’s race. The official start time is 6:00 PM but anyone riding in earlier sessions can stop in anytime. Race attendees upon request will receive a coupon for 10% off their race day meal.

    Thank you,
    Drew, Kyle and Ryan Wolfe
    Action Sports Promotions, Inc.

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