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Clearing Jump Right Out of Corner

Discussion in 'Riding Tips' started by Gary_Semics, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Gary_Semics

    Gary_Semics PR Member

    Lisbon, Ohio
    Hey guys, I just posted this Riding Tip on my site.
    Clearing a jump right out of a corner can be difficult for beginners. Seat bouncing is usually the best techniques to use in the situations. You can find the seat bouncing techniques further down in these tech tips and also in my Volume 3 DVD #7 (Seat Bouncing and Launching Techniques).
    In order to get the most out of the seat bouncing techniques you need to be really good at using the clutch and throttle to deliver a lot of power to the rear wheel at the precise time. To do this correctly you need to use one or two fingers on the clutch. I prefer one finger because this way you can hold onto the grip better with the other three fingers. You get on the power with the clutch and throttle. You do not slip the clutch like you do when you do a start, but instead you use the clutch more like a trigger, hitting the trigger (clutch) at the precise time you need to increase the power to the rear wheel. In this situation it would be when the rear wheel compresses into the jump. This increased power will multiply the seat bouncing technique giving you more height and distance.
    Most beginner riders do not use the clutch in this way but instead depend on just the throttle alone. Even on a four stroke you need to learn to use that clutch and throttle together in order to control the power to the rear wheel more precisely.
    For all the details of these techniques and more go to the Volume 3 DVDs numbers 3 (Clutch, Throttle and Shifting Techniques) and #7 (Seat Bouncing and Launching Techniques).
    I hope this helps you clear those jumps right out of the corner.
  2. hershey

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    Thanks for the tips Gary, its great to have little clues to help us work on being better riders!
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  3. Gary_Semics

    Gary_Semics PR Member

    Lisbon, Ohio
    Your welcome, glad I can help.

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