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Big Jumps and Beginners

Discussion in 'Riding Tips' started by Gary_Semics, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Gary_Semics

    Gary_Semics PR Member

    Lisbon, Ohio
    It takes a lot of practice time to get comfortable with big jumps. The best way to learn is to get the proper techniques down on easy to clear jumps. Then doing the proper techniques through repetition on these easier type jumps will allow you to develop the skills for the big jumps. Following are the basic techniques for jumping.

    The most important part of the jump is where the bike actually leaves the ground, where you have the compression and rebound part of the jump. What gives you control at this critical part of the jump is your body movements and throttle control. Along with this body movement and throttle control is timing. The timing is so critical that the body movement and throttle control has to be an automatic reflex reaction. This is why it takes so much time and practice to learn to jump well. Key into the compression and rebound part of the jump, move your body back a little as the rear wheel kicks up and blip the throttle a little at the same time. This will cause the front wheel to stay level or come up a little. If the front wheel is too high don’t move back as much or give it as much throttle. If you want the front end lower it’s just the opposite; don’t blip the throttle as much and don’t move back as much. When you want to accelerate after the landing it’s best to land with the throttle on. I have 3 Technique DVDs that cover Jumping and Whoops. You can see free Motocross Technique <st1:stockticker>DVD</st1:stockticker> previews of these and many others at: www.gsmxs.com

    Until you perfect all these techniques and your jumping is very consistent and controlled I would not try the real big jumps. Just do what you feel confident in doing and over time you will develop the skills needed for all the jumps on the track. In the meantime have fun and ride smart.

    The guys you see doing the big jumps out there have more seat time, more experience and more practice than you, so don't try to push it too fast you could just end up being hurt. You'll know when it's time to pull the trigger on the big jumps. You know it when you feel the confidence.​
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  2. hershey

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    Track looks sweet....is that a public one or private? A group of us are heading south this weekend and are still looking for a good place to ride!
  3. Gary_Semics

    Gary_Semics PR Member

    Lisbon, Ohio
    Sorry but that track is a private one. There are a lot of public MX Tracks in FL. Just do a Google search.
  4. maliha

    maliha Noob

    Thanks for the tips Gary, its great to have little clues to help us work on being better riders!
  5. maliha

    maliha Noob

    nice posts
  6. dwinship463

    dwinship463 PR Member

    Elyria, OH
    Great info and advice gary. That track kinda looks like Skytop near webster, FL.

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