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Where can I get VP?!?

Discussion in 'Fuel' started by MxFreedom33, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Kovatch

    Kovatch PR Member

    Just went to Chardon Oil in Painesville on Sunday. They have 100% gasoline that's 90 Octane.
  2. MX724

    MX724 PR Addict

    Breyleys actually has VP to or they did last time I was there.
  3. john lilly

    john lilly PR Addict

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    Beaver petroleum has VP 110 and VP 112 also 90% non-ethanol boat gas, right on route 43 on the way to Malvern, close to the Waco Market and RR tracks. The VP 110 is about 8.95 per gallon and they close at 4:30.
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  4. DTS

    DTS PR Addict

    Coppersmith Husqvarna also carries VP now.. just a heads up if anyone is in their area.
    5044 S Main St, akron
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  5. TPMX #8

    TPMX #8 PR Addict

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    I think NAPA in Lisbon sells VP

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