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Turn Track Corner Practice

Discussion in 'Riding Tips' started by Gary_Semics, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. Gary_Semics

    Gary_Semics PR Member

    Lisbon, Ohio
    Here's some motocross practice strategies (hard days, easy days) and the Christmas Sale code for 20% off all DVDs and Value Packs! Code is FB20OFF. See all DVDs and Value Packs. Watch free previews and order online at; http://www.gsmxs.com/category/dvds

  2. NQ1965

    NQ1965 PR Elite

    Heath, Ohio
    Love your videos. Have several of them.

    It seems like cornering skills are the first area that begin to fade when I go stretch's of time without being able to ride. And then it takes a little while to get that back. (not that my cornering skills have ever been that great anyway.)
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