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Trails/ Riding spot around portage and summit county

Discussion in 'Dual Sport, Off-Road & Trails' started by janzistheman, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Just got a dirt bike and I'm looking for local riding spots. Any tips would be appreciated

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  2. hershey

    hershey PR Elite

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    There are trails by the CAK airport that people ride on, not sure where they park or anything though.
  3. weantright

    weantright Noob

    Lightning raceway, Bear Creek are within an hour drive.
  4. Fedor131

    Fedor131 PR Member

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    I live in portage and there are many tracks within an hour radius. OIR, Malvern, Battlesburg (has some trails), TV Land, Youngstown MX, and Apple Cabin. Check out the track guide at the top of the site. Has majority of the tracks in Ohio listed, locations, and what they offer.

  5. Not really looking for mx tracks. More looking for guys that trail ride locally, maybe guys that have private spots. I'm from portage too just heard there was good riding around canton

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  6. ohiowildman939

    ohiowildman939 PR Member

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    If bear creek is still open they're just south of canton. I believe open all year on weekends.

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