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Discussion in 'Minis/Youth' started by DTS, May 7, 2017.

  1. DTS

    DTS PR Addict

    IMG_1478.JPG Ive got a 98 pw50 and this O-ring was in the carb. Any idea if it's supposed to be there? I looked on the parts diagram and can find it, and it also doesn't look like it quite fits where it is in the photo. If anyone has a suggestion where it might go, I'm open to that. Thanks
  2. Clair Story

    Clair Story PR Member

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    First off I'm sure it isn't supposed to be there. No idea where it would have came from. It looks like that is the air box side of the carb. I have seen all kinds of wierd stuff in airboxes over the years. I'm guessing it was dropped in the air box and got in the intake tract during a filter change and wasn't noticed.
  3. Clair Story

    Clair Story PR Member

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    If that is the motor side. I guess it's possible that is how they ate sealing the carb to the intake. It's been a Long time since I worked on a PW so I really can't say for sure. It would be an setup generally speaking.
  4. DTS

    DTS PR Addict

    Figured it out! The was the o ring for oil fill cap on the crank case. Also learned that when a 6 year old helps working on a bike, parts end up getting put in weird places haha. Mystery solved.

    Thank you for the responses Clair
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  5. hershey

    hershey PR Elite

    Ozone Layer
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    Every weds I have a group of 50cc kids come over and ride, youre always welcome to bring the rider down!!
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  6. DTS

    DTS PR Addict

    Thanks for the invite Dave! Once the bike is back together and he learns the basics we will come on over.

    This poor little bike needed some love.
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  7. Double D

    Double D PR Founding Father

    Strongsville, OH
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    Uh that's Honda parking only.
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  8. DTS

    DTS PR Addict

    Crap! Yamaha and Suzuki Took over the bench!
  9. MarctheSharc

    MarctheSharc PR Founding Father

    How's that PW coming along?
  10. DTS

    DTS PR Addict

    It's done for now! I'll replace the tires once I find out if he likes it or not.

    Here's everything that needed attention:

    -new oem cylinder and piston
    -new boyesen reeds
    -replaced a broken clutch spring and a clutch clip that was flying around the motor.. (for who knows how long)
    -new forks that replaced the bent originals.
    -new airbox
    -new kickstart assembly
    -serviced the driveshaft bearings
    -replaced the stem bearings
    -added the restrictive screw back to the throttle
    -de-carboned the exhaust

    The bike started right up and sounded really good.

    Now.. all the kid needs to do is behave at school and he will find out he got that dirt bike he's been wanting.o_O

    Also, Thanks again double d for the gear!


    Yamaha of Troy decals!
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  11. MarctheSharc

    MarctheSharc PR Founding Father

    That's a lot of work ! Kinda figured that when I saw the on bench pic above.
    Bet it's fresh like new now.

    ....my parents would use the bike (privilege) as leverage too.
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