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    by Published on 02/11/2014 08:49 AM

    Time to build some momentum. Decided to lay-off a little due to the nature of the last entry and with some broad reaching announcements that have been made. Plus, really...I am to busy following this awesome SX season to write. Writing is taking a seat and this historical racing is on center stage! Haha! Go Bubba and Reed! Roczen is sweet to. RV Reigns! The "Dunginator" is living up to that nickname, just struggling to finish strong.

    This is the speech given at the OMA Banquet.

    Look for another entry soon!

    P.S. The big foot joke was a flop!

    May I have your attention! It is time for our riders meeting!

    On behalf of the OMA - Welcome to the first Ohio Motocross Association Banquet in celebration of the 2013 motocross season and in awarding the honorary competitors and their accomplishments on the race track. It is very good to see you all! Folks, please, for us and all that this night stands for, a round of applause! Now time for the rider roll call...if you are present when called...you will get to eat first. Just kidding. When I am finished, the Tangier staff will dismiss tables to get food. The food is set up down the hall. So just follow their direction.Ya know, on the way here, I was pretty nervous! In consideration of ...
    by Published on 01/29/2014 09:26 AM
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    If you ride a bike you pretty much know where to go locally, but finding a place to ride down South has many challenges. Websites will have 2011 race dates leaving you wondering if they're still open. You'll find a Facebook page with some pictures of some bikes and maybe some trophies, but all you really care about are track pics. Have you ever drove 11 hours and pulled up to a mailing address at 2am? We finally said enough is enough and decided to go through all the research pain to standardize this information so you can just focus on getting there and riding. This information is available to whether you're on a desktop computer or a mobile device.

    Under the track details you'll find all the stuff you need including the physical address. If you see the GPS coordinates listed you'll know someone checked the satellite images and found a motocross track not a mailbox.

    It doesn't seem that different from other sites around the internet until you hit the Search page. Now you can find ...
    by Published on 01/27/2014 08:04 PM
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    Marc Marquez's success story

    Spanish motorcycle racer Marc Marquez shook the motorcycle racing world in 2013 when he emerged as the MotoGP world champion at the tender age of 20. He was also the first rookie racer who had won the championship since 1978, when American motorcycling legend Kenny Roberts claimed his first Grand Prix title. While he’s popular for his feat in premier motorcycle racing, it’s a lesser known fact that Marquez began his racing career in motocross.

    Marquez raced his first motorcycle at the age of 4. He received a 50cc motorbike from his father and launched his racing career in motocross. He finished as a runner-up in the Motocross Catalan Championship at age 6, and then emerged as the champion of the same event at age 7 for his respective age groups.

    Motocross may have been his first love, but Marquez soon migrated to track racing in 2002 when he took part in the Open RACC (Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia). While the concrete race tracks require a different set of skills and techniques compared to motocross, he seamlessly rode his way to the RACC championship on his first attempt. From that point on, Marquez climbed the ladder in elite motorcycle racing, starting with the Spanish Road Racing Championship in 2005 and the 125cc Motorcycle World Championship in 2008.

    In 2011, Marquez moved to the Moto2 World Championship where he won the title of “Rookie of the Year.” While ...
    by Published on 12/18/2013 09:22 AM

    Hello Riding Folks,

    Hope you are all getting rested up in the off-season for Motocross in 2014 and maybe spinning some laps indoors! I love winter because the air is fresh and crisp, the snow is beautiul, the general attitude of folks is more pleaseant with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, but I hate being cold.

    I feel compelled to let you know exactly where I stand or who I am, to a point of responsibility to you folks which stems from my/our passion towards riding to the position(s) I am in within our MX Community and Industry cooperately, hinging ultimately upon who God (Jesus Christ) is, my faith in Him, who I am and who you are; our past, present, and future. Before the cooperate level is the established MX Family. So, the intent of this particular entry is purely personal in relation to us as a family so to speak. I intend to post regular journal or blog entries from here on out; which I have failed to keep my word when this position of "PitRacer Author" was first announced (More on that later.) This is a tremendous honor and one that "When much is given, much is required!" So please forgive ...
    by Published on 12/10/2013 07:18 AM
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    Scottie Leighton is a 17 year old from Fremont Ohio who will be attending the 2014 Amsoil Arena Cross Series competing in the AMA Lites Class. The sport of moto cross is a very demanding sport that takes a lot of dedication and money to beable to compete at this high of a level and this account is to try to raise money to help Scottie follow his dream as a professional racer at his very young age. The series will begin in Worcester, Massachusetts - January 3 - January 5, 2014 and race in another state for the next 4 weeks.
    Scottie just got back from spending 1 month in SC at South Of The Boarder Training facility where he plans on going back after the Arena Cross Series to get ready for outdoors.Any and all money raised for Scottie will go into fuel, entry fees, lodging and food so any amount will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank to everyone that has helped so far and thanks to all that has help Scottie get to this point already.


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