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Thread: Tusk wheels

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    Tusk wheels

    Anyone running them? havne't found many reviews online. Have heard many people say they are happy with other tusk products. These look good.

    Would be curious about their quality and if they are extremely heavy or not.

    The price is definitely right for a full set of wheels!

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    i was considering the same ones. they do look nice. found some favorable reviews on rockymountainatv.

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    I dont have experience with these wheels, but i do have experience with tusk products. When i raced gncc on quads i was buyin em bc they r cheap. Not the best quality tho. Imo if ur gonna buy cheap wheels get the dna

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    Just buy them. Haven't you tried every other wheel set ??? I doubt there's anything on the market left that you haven't bought in the last two years. But those wheels would pay for 3 weeks at south of the border you dirty rotten rich kid you!
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    I thought about getting a set for my practice wheels. I've laced up the rims before for someone and they came out true and are still holding.

    The rims were heavier. Chances are the bearings are low quality and need more attention every once and awhile, and the spokes must be kept tight to avoid breaking the spokes and/or hub flange. I think with proper attention you'll be fine
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    thats the key to any wheel is keeping the spokes tight. which is part of my routine every time i wash my bike is to go over every nut/bolt/spoke etc when im done. i tihnk i might do it.

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    let me know cause i might end up getting some for my bike if they work out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spagina View Post
    let me know cause i might end up getting some for my bike if they work out.
    What he said
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    Put em on your bike and I will test them! Lol!!!!
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