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Thread: Pusheta Creek MX 4-2 & 4-3

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    Pusheta Creek MX 4-2 & 4-3

    First open practice for the 2011 season will be April 2 & 3, 11am - 5pm both days. Hopefully the weather will be good but will have to see. Track is drier than one would think so might have to water some but won't know that until Saturday morning. Everything has been refaced and groomed so the track is looking very good! Track should be in great shape for the weekend!

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    Only had a tenth of an inch of rain over night so the track is in excellent condition! With the overcast skies the track should stay damp all day with out adding any more water. Being the first ride of the year the track is very loamy. Should make for some great riding!

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    The track was in great condition all day and still has alot of moisture but might have to water a little to make it through Sunday if it doesn't rain. Will have to see how the weather turns out on Sunday. Refaced some of the jumps that got rutted up and groomed the entire track so its ready to go for Sunday.

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