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Thread: Red Loctite removal?

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    Red Loctite removal?

    When removing bolts installed with red loctite, do you need to use heat? (or is that green loctite?)

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    I thought red was on to stay. I ues that on my rotors. When to take off I use low heat.
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    Low heat.
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    Never had to use heat with the red.
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    Apply heat to the bolt's head with a propane torch. The red and green strength Loctite generally will need some type of heat applied, above 400 degrees Fahrenheit, in order to melt the cured sealant.

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    Different grades of red loctite. You can special order the good red loctite, not found at autozone. I think its 272. Hinson reccomends it to replace the gear on the back of your clutch basket. If I remember correctly it requires heat and power tools to remove.

    If you clean the threads (carb spray) and blow them out with air, and use new loctite and you let it dry before use, then you should need some heat to remove. If you dont then either it wasnt clean, or you got old loctite. Loctite has a shelf life. I learned all of this from Ron Hinson after some of my screws backed out on a Hinson basket that i put together.

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