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Thread: 1981 490 Maico vs. 1981 250 Maico

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    Just missed my 73 250 Maico as I sold it to a friend back in January.

    Getting a vintage bike would give you something to ride on both days as the was my orgional plan that fell thru due to injuries.

    Go ride someones 73 or 74 400/450 & you will fall in love with the motor & bike!

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    Spring has sprung as Joe Days 81 490 is up to $6,500 on e-bay with 23-1/2 hours to go....curious to see what it ends at.

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    Wow, hard to believe someone went to $6500.00 so early in the auction...that pretty much put an end to anyone trying to go above THAT bid! That's what, about two grand more than the one in Texas went for last week!

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    Joe's went for more but his bike was a lot nicer. Rare to see one for under 5 grand as most go for 5 to 8.
    Plan to one day have mine nice enough to be in the 7 range but at the rate I am going it will be next year...

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    I thought the one in Texas looked pretty nice, plus it had a set of Ohlins on it...after seeing the Ohio bike go for 6500, 4500 seems to be a decent deal. The fact that it was in Texas was a deal breaker for me.

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    There is nice looking 81 440 on Mark's for $5,200 & in your area.

    Not the brute the 490 is but I had a 1980 440 & think you may like it even better as that is a sweet motor!

    Looks like about all it needs is a set of wide pegs.

    Maico Mark
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