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Thread: How can we make up points?

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    How can we make up points?

    How can we make up points for losing Seattle's round? Give me your best ideas and I will see what I can do.

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    double points for all riders? a first place rider gets 50 points and so on. and if a "underdog" got first, they would be worth 100 points. would probably need to make every rider available to everyone though to be fair. as if noone made any picks for seattle allowing all riders to be eligible. idk. ill try and think of some more ideas.

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    To me Justin, dropping the round would do. What about reinstating our lowest round score? Barrington's idea could work also, sounds fair.

    You need to make a decision soon, and stick with it.

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    The next 2 rounds will run as originally planned. In Vegas, we will be picking 450 class and 250 shootout race. It got to be too difficult and risky to try anything else, especially since if something went wrong, there would be no way to properly fix it with no other races.

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