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Thread: Bald Eagle nesting in Tuscarawas Co

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    Bald Eagle nesting in Tuscarawas Co

    I got a tip this morning of a Bald Eagle close to my home so I ad to check it out for myself because I would not have believed it unless I could see it with my own eyes. I thought it was pretty incredible to witness this here. My ultimate goal has been to photograph a Bear (wild) in Ohio, If anyone has any tips of where one might be located please share. I'm not disclosing the location of the eagle for the fear of some redneck trying to shoot it for the Hell of it.

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    Great picture! It is amazing how the Bald Eagle has flourished in the past decade. It is said to be around 200 known nesting pairs in Ohio at this time. I work closely with ODNR in these parts, Tuscarwawas, Coshocton and Harrison counties to help locate nests and possible pairs. It seems anymore you can locate a nest fairly readily across these parts. I am still in awe everytime I see one.

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    I came across a nest on the tusc river last year while kayaking, it was the first bald eagle i've seen in person, i was pretty pumped about it.

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    We have a nest close to my parents house in ashtabula county. I've seen bear cross the road in roaming shores Ohio as well as Geneva Ohio.

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    Easy on the rednecks! haha

    Cool pic though! A couple years ago during winter time I was standing on my deck looking down toward my track. Spotted a HUGE bird in the back field and realize it was a bald eagle.. I wanted to "shoot it" (some people have labeled me a redneck, but even I'd only shoot it with a camera! lol) but I only have crappy cameras and I kept trying to get good pics, but couldnt.. I stalked down the woodline on the track (like he couldnt see me or something haha) and into the field. I got about 60 yards from him before he lifted off and moved up the hill. He later came back to the same spot.

    Apparently there are a few nests up at Walbourn reservoir which isnt too far from my house and I figure the bird just ventured out a little..

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    Over the weekend I'm going to try and go back and get some better photo's of it. My friend that gave me the tip on the location is not the most reliable source and I figured it was going to be a buzzard or large crow. It was still raining when I ventured to the location so I didn't take my best camera or lens, I will be better prepared on the next visit. I personally have nothing against rednecks but most of the street signs down here are filled with several bullet holes each and I'm not going to disclose the location of a live target.
    Thanks for the tip on the bear location Georgie, I didn't realize they are that far North. I know a black bear was struck and killed by a car close to Alliance 2 or 3 years ago. I did spot a black bear near Caldwell, OH one time but by the time I got my bike stopped, took the seat off and grabbed my camera he was long gone

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    A couple years back we had a couple eagles that nested at our landfill where I work which is along a river.
    The nest was big enough you could easily spot it from a distance. Pic's were taken by the Newark Advocate newspaper.

    It's all cool until they poop on my car. Then NOT COOOOL!
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    Awesome! There was one nesting back in March close to my buddies home in Port Orange FL. He posted some photos on Facebook. I was surprised the area in FL it was in was pretty close to a kind of high traffic area with lots of houses around.

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