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Thread: the Triumph

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    the Triumph

    aside from a few details here's the finished productClick image for larger version. 

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    That is cool.
    I'd make it a street legal enduro. Would be fun poking around town on that.
    Would be an eye catcher.

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    has a title,lights are coming,I want to ride the reliability run down at the BSA meet in june

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    Looks very nice!

    I always wanted to get an old Triumph or BSA but just never got around to it.

    Right side kick & shift?

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    yep,for some reason this one trips me up right shift left brake,been riding my 68 bsa 650 since 96 w/o any trouble,just got to get my mine into a brit dirt bike

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    Looks great ! What a change from the swapmeet .
    Don't feel smug when you fly past , cause I'm only riding ...... halffast .

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    best part of this project is I sold most of the stuff I was not using from it to finance the improvements,plus this was a runner from the start so no engine work needed,great compression and oil pressure,still has the points it came with,upgrades include a mikuni carb and that crazy exhaust

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    I was looking at one of these a couple of years ago , thinking it would be a great bike for the Classic division in AHRMA . When I contacted them , I was told it wasn't Classic legal but had to run in Sportsman . Not sure why as it would likely get eaten up in Sportsman . Does it have a 5-speed tranny ? Somebody else told me that there a a lot of older model bikes that get lumped into Sportsman instead of Classic simply because they aren't 4-speeds . Still a cool bike .
    Don't feel smug when you fly past , cause I'm only riding ...... halffast .

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    4 speed,do not think they ever made them with 5 speeds,this would be among the last of triumph/bsa unit singles it being a 1972,they were all BSAs just badged triumph'
    I think I have the charging system all worked out ,got a aftermarket regulator/rectifier off ebay that turned out to be neg.ground,bike is pos. ground but as long as I keep the body of the reg/rect insulated all is good,buzzed the neighborhood again yesterday still pulling varnish from the tank in flakes but it's getting better,have to fllush the filter out after I run it

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    got lights and working brake lamp,stuck the histarical plate off a bike long gone and hit the road saturday,just buzzed the local streets but got 15 miles on it over the weekend,got a bunch of attention on it including some dude who had his phone out taking a bunch of pics while I was eating lunch,handles great stops well,and generally runs super,clutch is still sticky but I'll get it worked out before the BSA meet,more photos to come as well as a plate of it's own

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