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Thread: Klotz 2 Stroke Oil

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    Klotz 2 Stroke Oil

    Hey guys. i have a 2002 yz125, 2003 cr250, and a 2005 yz125. should i run Klotz? maxima castrol 927? opinions please

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    I run golden spectro 40:1 without any issues

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    Klotz R50 @ 40:1 Cant go wrong, very clean burning and protects very well !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hershey View Post
    Klotz R50 @ 40:1 Cant go wrong, very clean burning and protects very well !!!
    Same here, love it.

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    I'm running Klotz in the boy's YZ85. Good stuff.
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    Love my klotz

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    I remember seeing this thread not to long ago I think.

    I run yamalube 32:1
    since 1987

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    The only oil I know that I'll never run again is 927...what a filthy gummy burning oil. Smells good but not worth the hassle of tearing things down and cleaning the muck off your piston.

    It's also the only oil that ever caused a problem for me, gummed up my rings so bad that the bike had no compression.

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    So what's the big difference between Yamalube and Klotz? If any.

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