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Thread: Another American Icon failing us.

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    Another American Icon failing us.

    This post my seem a little silly, but it's one of those things that if it is affecting me, then it's probably affecting a few others. And I found out that it is!

    Subject: " Levi's " jeans for men.

    A little old fashioned (actually a lot ) I have been wearing Levi's jeans since I was a teenager. That is over 30 years. Now that is product loyalty wouldn't you say?

    I have always been an outdoors person, and my occupation has always been construction and blue collar manufacturing work. And my old Levi's jeans were always durable enough to take the abuses I put them through. And when I wore them out to the point that they no longer looked good, then I could usually turn them into cut-off shorts. And then I fell in love with them all over again for a few more years.

    But, not so anymore. Over the 5 or 6 years it seems, (maybe longer ?) my jeans would begin developing holes in the crotch. It began with my older ones, but as of late they begin tearing before they've even begun to fade. Now I have a pile of jeans, 8 or 10 pair with the crotch blowed out. I even changed sizes and switched styles, to looser fitting, to see if this resolved it. (I feared that maybe my ass was getting too big. ) It didn't matter, they all still tear out.

    I done a quick internet search and found out I wasn't alone. Here is a link to a sight put together to address the situation and they have caught the attention of Levi Straus coprporation. Check it out.
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    And this surprises you why???

    Recent history proves that the idea of making a quality product has swung to making a quality product as cheap as possible. That translates to plain ole cheap as possible.
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    Crotch rip and back pocket blow-outs. UPS destroyed alot of mine.

    Dirtworld Mike Camilly's wranglers never have holes in them! Maybe Wrangler is where it's at.
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    Just say NO to Jorts!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarctheSharc View Post
    Just say NO to Jorts!!!!!

    Urban Dictionary: jorts
    Jean shorts. Worn mostly by children and douchebags. Jorts are perhaps the
    easiest way to recognize people you will not like.

    The fact that I had to look that term up is a bad sign for me I guess. I already knew I was an old fart, the beginnings of becoming a relic, and often a dork (cause my kids told me so), maybe now I qualify for the Douchebag group.

    I'll wear em anyway.

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    There is very little that is righteous in losing a ball game in which you out hit the opponent by a greater than 2-1 margin. There is very little that is righteous about hitting into 6 double plays as a team. Actually, there is absolutely nothing righteous about any of that. Much in the same way as there is absolutely nothing righteous about jorts. So as we have established that absolutely nothing about last night’s game was righteous and that jorts are an abomination (clearly not righteous,) I think it only fitting that I award the rdotg to the ******* in section 230 who was rocking jorts, a short sleeve shirt and Velcro shoes. This Bud’s for you. My only regret is that I didn’t get a picture of this guy. At first I thought he might be “special” (based solely on the fact he was wearing any type of shorts and a short sleeve shirt in temperatures that dipped into the 30′s,) so taking his photograph would have just been wrong. However as the game wore on it became obvious he wasn’t “special,” just a clueless 40 something douche. Couldn’t help but notice he was single. I wonder why that is? Just gonna leave this here…

    If you’re reading this and you have to pause and think about what you were wearing last night at the game, guess what…it was you. Do yourself a favor, lose the jorts. Don’t even give them to a shelter because making needy people wear jorts is just cruel and unusual. Burn ‘em. Seriously, light those bastards up and have a bonfire. You can thank me later.

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