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Thread: Unadilla AHRMA Pre-entry list is up

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    At least we all seem to agree that AHRMA isn't perfect . It is the only game in town for vintage enthusiasts unless you count the AMA's one race national championship and you can guess my view of that if you don't already know ( but that is a whole other discussion )

    People get into vintage racing for various reasons . What I consider the core group ( and the ones mostly who control AHRMA ) are the " old men on old bikes " types that I mentioned to Robin . Some of these guys fought the idea of even having post-vintage classes at all ( the " new " kids on the block ) and they still don't want to allow younger racers to compete . To them it is all about restorng and racing old bikes and honoring the roots of motocross . Some are in their 80's and still riding ( you go guys ). I believe they don't want to see " rough " racing in any form as it would be especially devastating to older riders and should not be tolerated at any level . Hell , the youngest true age class is 40+ ( there is Open Age which takes in all legal age racers ) .

    A lot of you on here read the exploits of Hartney and Big Mike like I did and got interested enough to try this branch of the sport . I decided to go for the vintage side of things and sold Hatrney the Ultima 450CR Honda that Pit 1st raced ( for a National win - we were proud ) so I could finance my Husky Mag . Most of the rest of you went the more modern route and ride PV Ultima machines . I was coming out of a 20+ year hiatus from mx ( and a severely broken ankle from a modern '03 125SX which has now been traded for a GP class "84 Husky CR500 ) . You guys were active racers of modern bikes . I guess what I'm trying to get at is that many ( I think most and the reason AHRMA was started ) are in it for the nostalgia while others ( and probably growing toward the majority as us old b@$t@rd$ fade away ) are in it more to branch out opportunities to compete . I have seen fantasic races and close competition at times , in all classes at all levels . The Experts always go at it and are great to watch . Mark , the bar banging you mentioned was from your early racing . If your back improves ( which I pray it does ) enough to race AHRMA again , would you want to get dumped in a turn , no matter how slow or whose fault ?

    The class and skill level structures of AHRMA are a real mess as John said . I am coming at it from a different perspective though . Due to past injuries , diabetes ravaged eyesight , pins in bones , barely working joints , etc. ( yes , I know we all have our scars ) not to mention few and diminished skills , I am probably destined to remain a Novice as long as I can still crawl on a bike . Since starting in AHRMA I have raced in the Novice 40+ , 50+ , Open Age , and Sportsman 250 classes . There were some racers who always destroyed those classes and won the championships going away . Some of them did this for years and by winning most of the motos , not by building points from mid-pack finishes at lots of events . Four of those guys moved up ( Bumped up by AHRMA ? I don't know ) in the last 2 years . Two of them won multple Intermediate championships their first year in that class . Another usually finishes top 3 . One who had won multiple Novice championships for TEN YEARS in a row finished top five and I haven't seen his name in the results or entries since . I don't expect to win and do not mind competition but everyone would like to think they have at least an outside shot at a good finish . AHRMA officials are few and each has a lot on their plate but there needs to be more attention payed to skill level placement and advancement . John's class structure might be an alternaitive .
    Don't feel smug when you fly past , cause I'm only riding ...... halffast .

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    I got the same crap my first few races & did move up the next year but sent them a friendly reminder to Fred & Cindy take a few guys with me as I got a few 2nd & 3rd in a few races so those in front needed to go also and they did bump them up also so no complaints. Guess running Interminable & beating all but one expert off the same gate at my 2nd AHRMA race drew too much attention.

    (Throw the names out & I will lay on Fred to get them bumped up.)

    AHRMA's largest classes are mainly 50 to 60 years old's so in comparison you like a modern college boy racing to them.

    There are a handful of very fast riders in AHRMA like Joe Day who just got a 7th at Red Bud but the majority are slightly over the hill.

    There are a lot of true novice riders out there but many are old, busted up from 40+ years of riding & can no longer run a good pace but you have to give them credit for still gearing up & going riding as in what other sport that is so physical do so many old men participate.

    Unfortunately after my latest auto accident getting rear ended I am joining that group also.

    My daughter could runs woman's novice but I left her in Intermediate as did not think is was fair to the older women she would have beat.

    Maico Mark
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    Quote Originally Posted by NQ1965 View Post
    What is their official response when you respond with a logical/sensible answer to this "move-up" suggestion?
    I talked my way into staying in the class for 2009 but had to promise to move up at the end, which I did. However, not one of the racers that beat me that season got moved up. I raced 7 races, won 3 and got beat by others in 4.

    They should do away with the entire skill level ranking, divide each class into two divisions -- racer and sport. Then it's easy to say "hey dude you belong in the racer class....." The classes would be bigger, their expenses would be less, and we all go along our merry way and make it fun for all no matter how you want to participate.

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    I thought Modern racing should be the same way so you have a gate of 35 to 40 like the old days instead of 40 classes with very few riders in them where everyone gets a trophey. Makes for better racing, more fun to watch & you just finish where you do.

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    I still struggle with the thinking in some of this.

    "IF" I were ever good and fast enough, and had good enough machinery I would be proud to race in the Expert class.

    I would be more proud of myself to make the top three in Expert than to walk away with a win in intermediate if that is where I am at in all of this. (Of course, a top three finish doesn't mean much if there are only three in the Expert class.)

    And if you were able to pull off a win on an average bike against top riders on good race bikes then that speaks for itself.

    I'd be glad to move up if and when asked, but at least a half full class when we line up would be nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NQ1965 View Post
    "IF" I were ever good and fast enough, and had good enough machinery I would be proud to race in the Expert class.
    I would too, but that's the root of the issue. The AHRMA "expert" class isn't an expert class in real life. It's a class where they push the intermediates to so that the novices can call themselves intermediates. 90% of the AHRMA "experts" would be mid pack B riders in the real world of modern motocross. If you only race AHRMA and that's it, then you are fine and can live in that world. Those of us that mainly race modern motocross just don't fit in.

    Think about it -- at Tomahawk on my RM465 I jumped a couple dinky little tabletops that at a regular race all the kids on 65s jump except for the super beginners. But in AHRMA's judgement that meant I was an expert. I remember it vividly -- there was a dude saying to me "you're out there jumping like a pro!" Seriously?

    The whole thing is just so unrealistic for anyone that races multiple sanctions, modern and vintage, etc.

    If I go to any more, I'll put my black stripe on and go race, no big deal. Honestly the biggest thing keeping me from it right now is the $65 membership. I can't justify that cost when there is only once race anywhere close to me.
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    Some of you guys are forgetting AHRMA is to showcase & preserve the history of motorcycle racing and not to groom future pros.

    For many of these guys sadly it is their last hurrah in life so give them credit for still getting out there to do what they love & not being a couch potato like many people these day.

    There is no comparing Modern Racing to AHRMA as I am guessing these is a good 35 to 40 years age difference in the average rider between them.

    If you are around 40 you are a mere kid to many of the AHRMA racers as they may have kids your age or are grandparents.

    AHRMA does rapidly advance riders quickly and too bad modern racing does not follow this lead as a good 15 to 20% need moved up. Even look at LL where front C riders could hang with the Expert pack or B riders who could run at the front of Expert on the average weekend. It still blows my mind to see a gate full C sand-baggers who are flying & at best discourage a new or true C rider.

    If you are only racing one race a year I think AHRMA does sometimes offer a $30 one day membership. I with the AMA did this as my daughter did not race Mid-Ohio the past few years as buying a AMA card for one race does not seem like it is worth it.

    From their rule book:
    The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association is a member-owned nonprofit association
    dedicated to enhancing the sport of historic motorcycle racing and the enjoyment of riders and
    The purpose of all historic motorcycle racing is to provide an appropriate environment for and
    to showcase competition among classic and certain special-interest clubman and grand prix racing
    motorcycles. AHRMA recognizes the difficulty and problems involved in maintaining these
    rare and valuable machines. These rules and class categories are founded upon

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    Sitting here wishing I was racing at Unadilla as that is one track I have always wanted to race on.

    Looked at the pre-entry & Guy Copper was in my old class...maybe I could have beat him to the first turn before he blew my numbers off but will never know.

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    I just got back from Unadilla and WOW it was the best. I will post stories and pictures tomorrow.

    Here is a picture of Guy Cooper coming out of gravity cavity on a 74 Bultaco during the Legends race.

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    You lucky dog...track looks very sweeet like fresh farm dirt...keep the pics & stories rolling!

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