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Thread: acerbis plastic kit issues

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    acerbis plastic kit issues

    I ordered a plastic kit for a 2006 yz 250. All the holes matched up and everything seemed good until i tried to fit my new pre prints on the exhaust side plate. Anyone have this problem before??

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    If the plastic bolts up fine, sounds like a graphics problem to me.....

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    It's an Acerbis problem!! Have a 07 yz250, had the same problem. Order OEM rt side panel and graphics will fit.
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    The newer yz exhaust side panel is curved quite a bit more. Side by side my 08 next to my buddies 11 is ridiculous. It's like they used the 250F side plates.
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    Had the same problem on my 10 kx 450 George. None of the shroud graphics or the side panels would line up correctly.

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