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Thread: New Restoration Project.. Few Questions

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    New Restoration Project.. Few Questions

    I just picked up a 1997 CR125 that I am planning on doing a full restore on. I have been wanting one of these bikes bad for a long time. When I was a kid I was obsessed with the factory honda bikes that MC Lambson and Henry were riding and have wanted to get one ever since. I have done a couple of full restorations in the past that did turn out very nice I would just like some opinions on different ways to go about cleaning up these old parts much more efficiently then I have done in the past ( wire brush and gas ). I have been looking into cheap sand/media blasters, anyone have any experience using one of these for engine cases, hubs, frame ect.. and if so what kind of media do you use for blasting? I would like to be able to refurb the tank and air box as well, I figure a lot of hand sanding and smoothing will get out most of the color and nicks but what would I use for polishing to get it close to a new finish? Thanks for any info or help!

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    There have been a lot of threads on this subject and a ton of great info from past resto jobs by members.

    *scroll back through the Old Guys/Old bikes collumn
    *Scroll old bikes section of the old Pitracer archive
    *Look up (Marks Vintage site) under "message board" and you will find answers for just about every question you have.

    Hope this helps.

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    look up soda blasting on youtube, they use a box of baking soda and an air nozzle on an air compressor with some pretty good results, I personally havent tried it yet though.
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    If you are blasting parts to paint, just use aluminum oxide. If blasting to leave bare, glass bead gives a nice finish.
    I have one of these cheapo cabinets for small parts --
    Bigger parts like frames I take up to Dick's Sandblasting in Strongsville and they blast and prime a frame for like $40.

    I also have a soda blaster, and that is nice to use if you want to blast parts without taking them all apart. The soda media just washes away so you don't have to worry about blasting grit all over.

    I also have a parts washer, but really what I have the best results with is just putting the parts on a metal pan, soaking them with WD-40, and using a brass brush.

    BTW one of my friends has a 1997 CR125 that he bought new from Honda of Troy, and I'll bet it has less than 5 hours on it! All original and hasn't been ridden for at least 6 years. Someday I'll probably take it off his hands.....

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    Oh, for plastic you use Plastic Renew.

    Works great on light colors like white and yellow, a little tougher on darker colors.

    Sand, sand, sand. I've done a few tanks with good results.

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    I also have a 36" blasting cabinet from Harbor freight & it works fine. Same as Pit with Aluminum Oxide for heavy removal and glass bead look great on bare things
    like cylinders & cases.

    From one of my older post:

    Zinc Plating is the way to go!
    After many years of sandblasting & painting parts I finally took the time to take a batch in for Zinc Plating.

    Started off at Medina Plating but went there discovering they had a $150 minimum charge & had a few more things to get in as the cost
    was fairly high so did not leave anything with them plus they wanted me to string small parts on copper wire for racking.

    Talked to a buddy who suggested I try Kelly Plating in Cleveland & did. What a cost difference as they did almost 130 parts for only $40.
    You need to sand or bead blast them clean first and no need to string on copper wire as they prefer to do this themselves when needed.

    Did everything from axels, kickers, chain guides & adjusters to nuts and bolts. Axels still go in ok as plating build up is not that thick.

    Parts turned out great as the do bright zinc with blue chromate(clear) over it for added corrosion protection.

    Kelly Plating
    10316 Madison Ave.
    Cleveland, OH 44102
    (216) 961-1080
    Think Ray was the guy I spoke with.

    WARNING: It starts with one in a few years you will end up with a lot of older bikes....just wait!

    Maico Mark
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    I used a plating company in Canton (that I can't remember the name of) and they lost a few little pieces. I now use Akron Plating for zinc and have been happy with them. We bought a cheap hand held sand blaster and a 50 lb bag of soda at Harbor Freight and we use it for cleaning up all kinds of stuff like carbs, stators and have even deglazed brake shoes with it. Really does a nice job. We tried it on really oxidized plastic but it didn't work as well as I hoped and didn't save any work. The only thing we've found to work on plastic is wet sand progressively finer starting at 400. We don't use any compound to polish we burnish the surface with a buffing wheel. It's a lot of work that really sucks but it's worth the effort.

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    That's a sweet looking KX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NQ1965 View Post
    That's a sweet looking KX.
    Thanks. That pic was taken a couple years ago, it hadn't even been started yet when that pic was taken. It's a racer/rider so it looks ridden now. I really love that bike.


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    Did you use a sealer inside the fuel tank?
    My KDX tank decals bubbled up soon after install. Haven't had time to do anything with it yet though.

    Will this bike be raced at Vintage Days next month?
    My 40+ class last year had a racer on an earlier year twin shock KX400. We battled several laps and I was working hard to pass him when my bike gave out.

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