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Thread: Loretta Lynn's Landmarks/Locations

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    Think I'm sleepin in a tent. Taking the van Down. I've heard if you're not racing you can't get a pit sticker ? So should I just leave the pitbike home then ??
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    Georgie: Campers can get a pit pass. from
    Pit vehicle privileges are extended to our campers, racers and their families only. Permits are not available to day visitors.
    Mopeds, scooters, pit mini bikes, golf carts and mules are side-by-sides are pit vehicles and may be used by PERMIT ONLY. No ATV’s or 6-wheel Gators allowed.
    The Pit Vehicle Permit fee is $35 if purchased prior to Monday (July 30th) and $25 thereafter.
    Permits will be sold at the Amsoil Arena Friday through Monday (July 27-30) and at the MX Sports Trackside Office Tuesday through Saturday

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    Pitbike it is! I misread that on mxsports. Thanks Bruce.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PitRacer View Post
    I have a hotel also but will leave my trailer at the camp setup with Zman, Rocket, Silvers on Stagecoach Hill. You should just park with us and leave it all there and then just go back and forth each day in the truck. What sort of rig are you bringing?
    It sounds like that may work. We're bringing a bike in a van. No trailer, so we'll probably be loading everything up each night, unless there is an open spot on someone elses trailer. I'll try to find you guys up on the hill.
    Christian Moist
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    Just look for what looks like a bear in spandex.....that'll be Rocket...

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    Colorful Spandex! If they stop you at the entrance to Stage Coach Hill and say there's no room up there, tell them that you have friends up there that have a spot for you. But you should be fine with just a van..... and depending on the time you get there, you may want to park in the day parking area to sign up as that parking lot is way closer to the sign up area than where we are parked. After sign up, then come up to the top of the hill and look for us......
    Rocket Robin

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    Good Luck to everyone heading down....sounds like it should be a fun time!!!!!!

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    Gates are open 24 hours a day from Thursday - Monday at the entrance to Loretta Lynn's ranch. After that hours shorten up a little, but everyone is already there by then.
    Rocket Robin

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