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Dual Sport in Noth East Ohio

Discussion in 'Dual Sport, Off-Road & Trails' started by WebZ, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. WebZ

    WebZ PR Member

    I know this is wishful thinking, but.

    Is anybody intrested in setting up a dual sport event in north east ohio (Medina)?
    As you may know most of the events are held in southern ohio on private land.
    Public roads are used to connect the trails. Total distance is about 100 miles (75 miles dirt). Bikes need a legal plate, and a quiet muffler. I ride a crf250x and IMriz rides a wr250 husky.

    Rough goals: 50 mile loop would require 10-12 land owners.
    3-5 guys can lay out the course and post arrows. Land owners do not need to have trails already on there land. Dual sporters prefer technical riding, and can get 1-2 miles of trails easily out of 5-10 acres. This would be a 1 time event to limit the disturbance to land owners and neighbors.

    I know IMRiz would allow the use of his land.
    I am pretty sure I can get access to another 15 acres
    Who else is in? suggestions/ideas?

  2. PitRacer

    PitRacer PR Founding Father

    Medina, Ohio
    Contact Mark Weyls at 4WS, Inc. 330-483-3100. Him and his brother might be able to help out and both would be interested I would think.
  3. IMRiz

    IMRiz PR Member

    Cleveland, Ohio
    I would help, but I must admit, it's so much easier showing up at someone else's event downsouth.
  4. WebZ

    WebZ PR Member

    Pitracer thanks for the suggestion.
    IMRiz: It doesn't sound like you are behind me?
    I agree its easier to go down south for an organized ride. I was thinking of putting something together for a small group of guys who enjoy trail riding.
    It would be nice to have a trail ride that doesn't start with loading the bike into the truck. I am pretty sure the 50 mile loop is a pipe dream.

  5. IMRiz

    IMRiz PR Member

    Cleveland, Ohio
    Hey, I'll snake a few miles across my property, and maybe the surrounding properties. I've been building single track trails all winter. The only parameter is that a quad won't fit through the trees. Actually this week I found out a snow mobile won't fit either, I followed some tracks on my trail, couldn't believe it. then I saw the mess where he had to turn around and back out part of it. Single track through the woods is the only way!
  6. mgorman

    mgorman PR Member

    Massillon State Hospital
    Racing Number:

    The folks up north here aren't as receptive to these things as they are down south. You may be able to get a one time offer for an event from the owners but once that event is over, you have a 50/50 of getting back on the land when ever you just feel like hopping on your bike for a ride. This will be especially true if any of the bikes are exceptionally loud. The last DS I did, the promoters said NO GPS and the reason? They don't want us coming back and poaching the trails on non event days.

    If it were my land, I'd allow a yearly event then I'd make sure the openings were camouflaged to keep those stinking quads out!! As soon as one of those guys gets a sniff of a trail, they do anything short of getting a dozer to widen it out and dig tank traps to ruin it for 2 wheelers.

    I live down in Massillon (21 & 30) if you ever want to go trail riding or exploring back roads and abandoned roads and quarries. We got some single track trails in Sunday morning we found while exploring.
  7. WebZ

    WebZ PR Member

    Trails Massilon

    Thanks for info.
    I would love to find some trails closer to home.
    Please send me some info. Where and how many miles of trails?
    Private or public land?
    If you dont want to post the info to the whole world I understand.
    just send me a private msg.

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