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The dome is on back order yo
Thinking about buying new SG12 or Instincts, are the new SG12 a lot better than the previous model?
I don't read the forum for 3 days and I've missed all of this! GuyB would've clicked this on page 1! This is a perfect scenario for the classic "believe half of what you see and none of what you hear" now everyone has to explain themselves so they don't look like jerks......

For the record: I think you handled it well
Correct....it's a bullshit class.
Hi Everyone

Just wanted to give you a heads up before you make a trip to our track this weekend. We got 6 ½ inches of rain this week so it will be muddy in some spots. We will be open both days and with high temps today and tomorrow, Sunday should be dried out.

I was there in '15 for the regional and rough is an understatement.
Amen. I just want my power button and volume buttons to work. I will pay to have the convenience of just turning my TV on.
2015 yz450 vet owned only 32 hours 5200. Call or text 3305026957. Scott
11am till 5 pm bikes only track will be groomed
It's that time again folks! We plan on being open this weekend, April 29 and 30! WEATHER PERMITTING. Lovely Ohio is predicting rain so please keep an eye out for any updates!
Nice track, had some great practice. Thanks Smith Road!
I can still feel my pulse in my finger. Everytime I reach for something I feel the wound splitting. Other than that, not too bad. Appears to be healing pretty well.
Will post tommorrow if water truck gets fixed will be open. Find out tommorrow . Glad to hear your son had fun thanks
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