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2013 RMZ 450 Flo plastics new as of Spring 2017 , Sprung and ReValved with smart Valve for 160 lb by RG3. Stock pipe, D.I.D STX Rims , oil changed every 5 hours, washed and air filter cleaned after every ride. Well maintained , ready to ride. Inbox for more information.
I have a generator that was purchased in 2012 and never used. It has been stored in a climate controlled building and is in perfect condition. It includes a cover and 100-foot convenience cord. Please PM me if you are interested.


IMG_1635.JPG Alright, who wants it? I got a new project on the hook so this ones got to move. You have seen it. You know everything about it.
First offered to my fellow Pitracers. I want it to live on the right way. It needs and deserves to be raced.
Much easier to list what's not new. Plastics, wheels..... Everything else has had special attention.
Send me an offer
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