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Nikon d40 vs d90

Discussion in 'Non-Moto' started by MX724, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. MX724

    MX724 PR Addict

    Was wondering if anyone had experience with the d40. My buddy's gf has a d90 I think and its amazing. Quality is great. The d90 is a 12.3 and the d40 a 6.1 mega pixel. D40 is a little more in the range price wise. Just wondering how the d40 works at the track? Any insight is appreciated!
  2. mxpilot

    mxpilot PR Elite

    Egg Harbor Twp., NJ
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    Look up Rich at mxfreakspix.com (RichY on here)...he's a longtime Nikon guy, and may even have (or had) both of those models. I can't remember is Chris Hills shoots Nikon or not.
  3. honda907

    honda907 PR Addict

    Tyrone, Pennsylvania, United States
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    The new Nikon D 3100 is a 14 mega pixel camera with high def camera to boot! Go to a Camera shop and check it out. Cost me about 800 on Black Friday. It shoots really, really good pics, uses all the Nikon lenses, and man, you can even do editing on the camera. It is easy to use and ssssoooooo sweet. Beats my wifes Pentax by a 100 miles in terms of easy to use features. Cripes, she want me camera now!!

    <<<<<<< this picture was taken by my 11 year old son. It is that easy to use.
  4. jamartin01

    jamartin01 PR Member

    Masury, Ohio
    I currently have a d40 with a 18-200VR lens and it really is a nice setup for the money. You can take some amazing pictures even though its a lower megapixel camera. The d90 is a much better body, but that comes with a price. I would say if its your first DSLR I would try to pick up a used d40 or if you can find a d40x which I belive was slightly higher megapixel and might have a had a few more options. The d3000 is nikons replacement for the d40 if you want to buy something new.
  5. RichY

    RichY PR Addict

    If you can, I would get a D-90 with a 35mm lens, AF-S 1.8G glass. This lens is good in low light and it will make you work for your pictures.
    About $800 for the camera, $200 for the Lens. You mite find the D-90 cheaper. THE LENS MAKES the Camera. Save for a 70-200 2.8 glass, pro lens, it is in all pro's gear bags.

    Good Luck

  6. jamartin01

    jamartin01 PR Member

    Masury, Ohio
    Has anyone ever used a Nikon D5100? Looking to upgrade from my d40 and it seemed like a decent camera, maybe slightly better than the D90? I like the D7000 a little more, but I'm not sure if I want to spend that much yet.
  7. MX724

    MX724 PR Addict

    I just recently picked up the d3100. Shoots 1080hd video and 14.3 megapixel. I got it with a 50-200mm zoom lense. I have to say its pretty sweet. Amazon has the best deals hands down.

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