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Circle t open practice track shelby, oh

Discussion in 'Open Practice' started by circle T, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. circle T

    circle T PR Member

    circle t is open all day for bikes track is very fresh and tomorrow we are open 10-5 for bikes and 5-8ish for quads hope to see you there bring your friends call troy for questions 419-566-1226 address is 2425 Taylor town road shelby, oh
  2. How are you guys set for next weekend? Do you have any open times Friday or Monday? It's a 4 day weekend and I wanna head out to do some ripping! Hope to see you all then.
  3. circle T

    circle T PR Member

    Track wil be wat different this week. Monday and tuesday we are reversing track build ing a rythem section making jumps way better see ya there wed and thurday and sat and sunday!!
  4. dalerider03

    dalerider03 PR Member

    great turnout tonight had a good time also thanks troy .More couches to ride with every week and the a class was fun to watch.

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