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1997-2001 Complete front end...

Discussion in 'General Tech' started by GeorgiePorgie, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. GeorgiePorgie

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    Ohio the 440
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    I got a front end assembly, complete with triple tree and forks off of a 1997 yz 125.

    The bum I got it off of said he replaced the entire front end because his forks were leaking oil. He sold the bike and had these laying in his garage...

    I took a look at them...and I'll post pictures later but all it seems to need is a fork seal replacement.

    If anybody needs these parts I can sell them to you cheap. I don't know what the market is like for "bomber" bikes... anyone on here building a 97-01 project yz 125?
  2. PitRacer

    PitRacer PR Founding Father

    Medina, Ohio

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