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Circle T indoor motorcross big changes

Discussion in 'Open Practice' started by circle T, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. circle T

    circle T PR Member

    We were all right hand turns and one left, now we have all left hand turns and one right. We have a 40 foot table top , and a all new rythem section and more ,so come out tonight and check it out . WENSDAY 3TO 8 THURSDAY 3 TO 8 BIKES AND QUADS SATERDAY 10 TO 8 SUNDAY 10 TO 5 QUADS 5 TO 8 THANK YOU TROY
  2. RobinsonRacing

    RobinsonRacing PR Addict

    Grove City, Ohio, United States
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    Awesome!!!! any pics?
  3. I'de like to see some!
  4. epik

    epik PR Member

    +3. I liked the look of the most previous layout and was planning on riding there this weekend. I am so picky about indoor tracks I really like to see pics or a video before I make the trip.
  5. Hey, just wondering, any of you goin down Sunday?
  6. mxsx063

    mxsx063 PR Addict

    Newark, Ohio
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  7. mthalt10

    mthalt10 PR Member

    Ashley, Oh
    Nice Video! Track looks awesome.

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