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Project budget college commuter

Discussion in 'General Tech' started by streaks383, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Alright my goal is to get a bike I can commute to college with. Parking is everywhere and the pass is only 45 bucks yearly. Right now I have a 1990 Yamaha RT-180, bought it as a basket case for 50 dollars. I have 200 into it total now after it was bored out and rebuilt, running good. It has a lighting coil and a rectifier thing on it already. Two stroke but oil injected so I can fill up at the pumps. It is only 99 dollars a year to insure it through Geico. I have a new flat track tire for the front lying around I will put on it. Now I need a headlight, tail light, turn signals, key ignition switch, control switch for the light and turn signals, brake light switch, mirror and a horn. I found all of these on Ebay and can get them shipped to me for 200. The cheapest dual sport tire I could find was 45, 60 after shipping. This puts me street legal for 460 bucks total. Does anyone know if the bike is a 12 volt or 6 volt system? If it is 6 volt can I run 12 volt lights, not going to be run on the highway (clearly). Or does anyone have any ideas?
  2. Really?? All the knowledge floating around here and no one knows if it is 12volts or 6?
  3. gearhead730

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    Well does it have a 12v or 6 volt battery.That would tell you if the system is 6 or 12>If you run 12 volt bulbs it would be really dim in a 6 volt system.And if you put 6 volt bulbs in a 12 volt system they will go nuclear and burn out.
  4. It does not have a battery in it, I checked bike bandit and there is not one listed for it...

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