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OIR 2011 final schedule - $3,000 purse on pro days!

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by OIR_Old, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. OIR_Old

    OIR_Old PR Member

    ravenna oh
    Here it is! The final 2011 OIR schedule. We would like to thank all of you for keeping an open mind about the tracks future and can't wait to see you at the races!

    April 17 Harescramble
    May 15 Open Practice
    May 29 Motocross - K105 Day, WyoTech, PSI & Buckeye Career Center - Ohio Trike Club Special Event
    June 12 Motocross - Baldwin Motorsports Pro Quad Day - $3,000 Purse! Bikes Regular Schedule
    June 26 Open Practice
    July 10 Motocross - Special Pit Bike & Side by Side Event
    July 24 Open Practice
    August 7 Motocross - Long Jump Contest - It's Back!
    August 28 Motocross - Wiseco Pro Bike Day - $3,000 Purse! Quad Regular Schedule
    September 11th Open Practice
    September 25th Motocross - Kames Sports
    October 16th Open Practice
    October 30th Harescramble - Kames Sports

    We would like to thank our sponsors for all of their support.

    Check out our www.ohiointernationalraceway.com for additional information
  2. JGreen

    JGreen PR Founding Father

    Stark Co.
    Hi tried going to the web site you have linked but it came something about I Phones?
  3. RT749

    RT749 PR Member

    Perry, Ohio
  4. pasimp57

    pasimp57 PR Addict

    Will you have overnight camping?
  5. beech310

    beech310 PR Member

    Might want to learn how to spell your sponsors name its WISECO...
  6. weantright

    weantright Noob

    Prices?? times?? Better website??
  7. MarctheSharc

    MarctheSharc PR Founding Father

  8. OIR_Old

    OIR_Old PR Member

    ravenna oh
    Sorry - it was a late night! Thanks for pointing out my error.

  9. OIR_Old

    OIR_Old PR Member

    ravenna oh
    We are still working on the Website. For Motocross and Harescramble - Prices are $20 for 1st class, $15 any additional classes. Gate Fee $10.00. Ages 6 & under free gate admission. We will have a $5 Annual OIR membership. Practice $20 for full day - 10a.m. - 5p.m. all tracks open.

    MX - gates open 6a.m., sign up 7 a.m., practice 8 a.m., racing begins 9 a.m.
    Harescramble - gates open 7 a.m., sign up 8 a.m., pee wee bikes 9 a.m., mini bikes 9:45 a.m., big bikes, 11 a.m., mini quads, 1:15 p.m., big quads 2 p.m.

  10. OIR_Old

    OIR_Old PR Member

    ravenna oh
    We will have classes posted on the website by early next week.
  11. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
    Racing Number:
    I don't know how you're gonna get practice done in 1 hour...but that's just me.

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