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who has it???

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by katoom111, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Supercross seasons almost halfway over so whose takin it
  2. John250

    John250 PR Founding Father

    Xenia, Ohio
    Racing Number:
    I think RV is in the drivers seat.
  3. mooch

    mooch PR Elite

    After Atlanta, I'm pulling for Reed :)
  4. sdjclevland

    sdjclevland PR Addict

    I said it in beginning i think rv will win. I want bubba though but rv just seems more consistant and james just is having bad luck or taking him self out. i mean really james should have atleast 2 more wins then he does if now 3.

    I guess reed is a threat also now that he is close in points. He will probalbaly be taking more people out if thats what it takes to get the win and i dont blame him really.
  5. hershey

    hershey PR Elite

    Ozone Layer
    Racing Number:
    I would love to see Reed take it but I think like john it will be RV.
  6. Judnash

    Judnash PR Addict

    lookin like RV, but i think if james keeps putting in solid laps and stays out of trouble on the track, hes is going to take it.
  7. Windtunnel36

    Windtunnel36 PR Addict

    Oberlin, Ohio
    I picked Dungey at the beginning of the season and will stick with him. I agree Villopoto is in the drivers seat but anything can happen. One DNF and he is in 5th place. Stewart is capable of winning several more if he gets a clean start. One thing is for sure it is very unpredictable and the most exciting Supercross season in years. Also I love Ricky up in the commentator's booth, him and Emig don't get along.
  8. honda907

    honda907 PR Addict

    Tyrone, Pennsylvania, United States
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    Me too!

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