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District 11 season begins!

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by jstory, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. jstory

    jstory PR Addict

    Its that time of year. Here are the District 11 motocross events for March.


    20th MX Dirt Country
    27th MX/Q Lake Bailee
    27th MX/Q COCR

    Check the District 11 website for more info/cancellations www.district11ama.com
  2. Tom

    Tom PR Elite

    I don't see the first two races happening. Way to much rain.
  3. hippiemcgrath

    hippiemcgrath PR Addict

    hello everyone. I am a member of COCR and need to tell you. Last year at COCR we had to cancel due to ambulance trouble. After that race many riders were upset and we as a club recognized our bad decision and have scince gone back to our long standing policy. We will be racing the 27th. If only ten guys show up, were racing! We have open practice scheduled for the 26th. So come out get some time before the race and maybe help driy things a little. I'll be out there riding no matter what. I would also mention our track drains well. It can be super muddy for practice and get dusty toward the end of the first set of moto's. While were at it. Were working on a new website to better serve you. We will keep you posted


    First COCR race of the season is just over a week away! March 27!!!!!!!!! March 26 we will be having an open ride benefiting Mike Lewis! Please come out and help raise money for a great guy who's been around our district taking your pictures for over 30 years!

    This open ride is not included in our series credits nor does it pay the 10 points that our series open rides pay.

    The only series open rides are July 23, Oct 22, Oct 23. These 3 will count towards the 6 event minimum you need for the Integrity Racing COCR series end awards

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