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Questions ? Pamx / ohmx

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by area330mx, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. area330mx

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    Area 330 mx is now a AMA track, part of the PAMX/ OHMX. We will run races along with PAMX. They have a spring series which is a combination of pa and ohio tracks. But the state series races are done by each state. The ohmx has the same sponsors and contingency program as the pamx. We will also be running a gcs series (grand championship series) which is a seperate series. Each series will have its own awards and prizes at the year end banquet. Last year Pamx gave away over $40k of product at the year end banquet. Area 330mx has its own sponsors as well, acerbis, matrix concepts, scott, rocky mountain, kames sports, rock auto that have given %off there products. We will also be having a pro am event July 17th, with a $3k pro purse. You must have an ama card, and pamx/ohmx card to race events. No membership is required for saturday practices. You can go to www.area330.com , or www.gopamx.com for more information

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