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Help! Brand new KTM 250sxf first ride clutch issues

Discussion in 'General Tech' started by epik, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. epik

    epik PR Member

    Picked up a brand new 07 leftover today. Been stoked all week to get it, went to take it for a spin and I cannot get it into gear. It just learches forward and stalls. I took the oil cap off and I can see the pressure plate disengaging, doesn't look like the plates are moving much. The lever does not feel spongy and it sounds as if it is working correctly. This is my first ktm and the first fluid clutch I have delt with. I tried to get a hold of the dealer but they are closed until Monday. I really wanted to take it for a spin and break it in tomarrow. Any ideas? thanks
  2. PitRacer

    PitRacer PR Founding Father

    Medina, Ohio
    Sounds like the plates are stuck, which can happen if a bike sits for a long time.

    Couple things, the correct way to fix it is drain the oil, remove the clutch cover and pressure plate, then remove, wipe off, and reinstall the clutch plates. Then refill with oil.

    Other way is to start it, rev it up higher than normal so it doesn't stall, pull in the clutch and pop it into gear. Be pointed in a direction that you can ride away without smashing into parked cars, etc! Ride it around a bit and use the clutch and it should free itself.
  3. Jim598

    Jim598 PR Addict

    or just get someone to push start you then ride around doing as pit stated
  4. epik

    epik PR Member

    Thanks for the info pit, I did that and bled the line. Works like a charm now.
  5. six6seven

    six6seven PR Member

    Pleasantville, Oh
    Man I would think it would be bad to do that, if the plates are stuck together from sitting for too long and not being ran, chances are your clutches arent soaked with oil anymore, the film that should be between the friction plate and steel plate was probably gone. Not to add insult to injury but you could've burnt up your clutches by doing what you did. Or it could be fine and i could be full of crap idfk haha.

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