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ufc buys strikeforce

Discussion in 'Non-Moto' started by sdjclevland, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. sdjclevland

    sdjclevland PR Addict

    Where is all the mma fans at? The ufc continues their monopoly on mma and buys strikeforce. The bought out pride so far, and the other team mma thing that was on a few years ago.

    I guess they will still stay seperate but this is good in a way since hopefully they can snag fedor along with some of the other good fighters over there.
  2. KTM5555

    KTM5555 PR Addict

    Fort Polk
    UFC Didn't buy strikeforce and pride, Zuffa did.

    But with MMA dying down these last couple years (champions getting old, new champions can't stay champs, fights are no longer worth buying) they need some where to put their "bad" talent and still make money off it. If you lose 2 or 3 fights in the UFC / WEC you are most likely being booted and going back to fighting at smaller / local shows. But when they buy these "smaller but bigger" fight companies out they can still have Hendo fight Jackson with out losing money and letting fans get less expensive fights.

    Honestly, I quit MMA almost a year ago due to lack of interest / compeition. Everyone basically fights the same, nothing you see is new anymore. Everyone knows BJJ, MUAY THAI and Boxing so it's like a chess match rather then a fight. In fact if you want to see or be in a real fight, go to a gym (griffonrawl, strongstyle, ect..) and spar. You get better fights sparring then you do in the cage when it matters.

    A lot of my old fight buddies I trained with for years have lost interest as well.. I think it's a fad like Pokemon or something. I havent even bought the last few fights on PPV, it's all the same now.
  3. sdjclevland

    sdjclevland PR Addict

    Yeah I use to train a little but was getting hurt and with work I could not commit the time but yeah I agree the sport is for sure a fad in a way atleast with every school trying to offer mma that should not be teaching it.

    I think zuffa is ruining the entire sport. Pride was amazing and yeah they were not making money anymore but put on great fights and now most of the fighters they got are out of their prime. I think it was a mistake to combine the wec into the ufc cause the wec was awesome on it's own And putting on better fights than the ufc. The ufc are douche bags and don't wanna cross promote with amyone. Now we may finally get to see fedor fight a ufc guy but now he may be done fighting. I can see cro cop being a guy getting sent over to strikeforce forsure.
  4. KTM5555

    KTM5555 PR Addict

    Fort Polk
    I agree with you about cro cop.. lol Poor guy is old and way out of his prime..

    fedor.. it would have been nice to see him fight randy like 3 years ago when the talk first started, but now they're both even older.. it's not gonna be the same.

    i mean what is dana gonna do when anderson silva starts losing in a couple years? GSP is a lay and prey guy hes gonna get beaten soon as well.. BJ Penn is talking about retirement for he is now out of his prime and cant win a fight..

    all thats left is new guys that just stand in front of each other scared to throw a punch in fear of being taken down, its boring now and im glad I quit while i was ahead.. i had 7 am. fight and 3 pro fights then I started riding again.
  5. sdjclevland

    sdjclevland PR Addict

    Yea cro cop was great till he got cro cop'ed by gonzaga and ever since then he lost the eye of the tiger. He is the smartest guy in the ufc he manages to lose every fight and got paid a ass pile of money and still is in ufc. And you tight it's not the same anymore the new talent pool is not as deep.

    And yeah the fedor in te ufc would have been awesome years ago and still would be sweet but who knows with fedor now what he will do. I think he would best randy for sure now.

    Where did you train at?

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