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Powerwasher - getting pressure

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by Suburban Cowboyz, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Suburban Cowboyz

    Suburban Cowboyz PR Addict

    Hi, in the past I have attached my PW to a 55 gallon water drum for bike washing. The water flow is slow. My PW eventually builds up enough pressure to do the job, but at first it is running with very little pressure until it builds up. So, has anyone else experienced this? Also, is this bad for the pump that it is running and not pushing out power at first. It is a craftsman and it had a few hours on it b/f the pump and motor went. 131 bucks later I had a new pump and motor. Any thoughts? What do you guys recommend?
  2. pasimp57

    pasimp57 PR Addict

    Bleed the air lock out by cracking the water hose coupling at the pump and letting water spurt out. Also use a larger dia size hose and keep it short. The 5/8 hose doesn't allow as much water.
  3. PitRacer

    PitRacer PR Founding Father

    Medina, Ohio
    The pump on my PW has a bleed bolt on the back to bleed out the air.

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