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Dual sport tires?

Discussion in 'Dual Sport, Off-Road & Trails' started by beenridin, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. beenridin

    beenridin PR Elite

    Cleveland, Ohio, United States
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    I am looking for recommendations for new tires on a 2006 RMZ 400S bike. I want to ride on the road and on fire roads (like gravel) . Im thinking 75 % off road and 25% on pavement. I do not see myself on muddy trails or a MX track . Any suggestions would be helpful. This is my first enduro. Thanks!

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  2. ken

    ken PR Member

    Just finished plating my 450 ktm. I Initially thought that I would get DOT tires. After a few rides I think that I will look into some decent mid to hard type of knobby. The dual sport tires just seem like there is too much knob area and don't clean out well. Some people use those trials tires on the rear and swear by them.
  3. IMRiz

    IMRiz PR Member

    Cleveland, Ohio
    Michelin S-12's is what mates with the mud on my machine.
  4. IMRiz

    IMRiz PR Member

    Cleveland, Ohio
    I was actually looking as saving some money and buying some cheaper tires (Kenda's) but luckily Sharc talked me out of it at the last minute. you can't beat Michelin S-12's for dual sporting, you just can't! Actually buying a new set as we speak, friggin' roads wear em down, and rocks, and...
  5. MarctheSharc

    MarctheSharc PR Founding Father

    Yup, The Kenda’s are a good tire for a cost conscious decision…..but I think the Michelin S-12’s will provide better performance for racing applications….
  6. mx049

    mx049 PR Elite

    Brunswick, Ohio
    We put the Kenda K270 Dual Sport tires on our Suzuki SP & they work great for road, gravel road & light off road use.
    Not enough knobby depth for mud & they look like a modern version of the old trials tire with multi knob patterns.
    S-12's are a great all around MX or off road tire but would would be very carefull if hitting the road.
  7. ktmdualsport

    ktmdualsport PR Member

    I use the S-12 and like them also, but I just picked up a brand called MotoZ. They have a tire that is just like the S-12, but it is DOT. I'm going to give it a try just because that is the only part of my bike that is not street legal.
  8. jcolleymx

    jcolleymx PR Member

    Gahanna, OH
    After wearing out the stock Bridgestones on my Berg (worked great), I tried some Kenda Millvilles. They wore quickly and chunked. Next will try some Dunlop 952s for better wear characteristics, so we'll see.
  9. ktmdualsport

    ktmdualsport PR Member

    Just to give everyone a heads up if you shop Bike Bandit on black Friday you can get S-12's for about 50 bucks. Just something to keep in mind for next year.
  10. IMRiz

    IMRiz PR Member

    Cleveland, Ohio
    It never fails....

    It never fails on a dual sport, a guy on a KTM will ride up with a trials tire on the rear wheel and tell me how great it is. He may be right, but its S12's for me. I'm not that smart! I go with the "no-brainer." But I hope someone with a trials tire will post here and tell us all about it. Maybe he has a point? I don't know...

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