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Cocr march 26 & 27

Discussion in 'Race Updates' started by COCR MOTOCROSS, Mar 18, 2011.



    First COCR race of the season is just over a week away! March 27!!!!!!!!! March 26 we will be having an open ride benefiting Mike Lewis! Please come out and help raise money for a great guy who's been around our district taking your pictures for over 30 years!

    This open ride is not included in our series credits nor does it pay the 10 points that our series open rides pay.

    The only series open rides are July 23, Oct 22, Oct 23. These 3 will count towards the 6 event minimum you need for the Integrity Racing COCR series end awards
  2. hippiemcgrath

    hippiemcgrath PR Addict

    Hey everybody, we are having a series this year and our first round is Sunday March 27th. It's gonna be cold but we are racing! Anyone and everyone interested in our series needs to be there as we don't want anybody to start the series with a point disadvantage. That is if you wait till the next round to start in. It may be cold but, the track is nice and we've all been couped up all winter. Come on down maybe you'll have a great race. Maybe you'll have a bad race, but as my uncle Olloff always say's "Sometimes you gotta have a bad ride to appreciate the good ones".
  3. hippiemcgrath

    hippiemcgrath PR Addict

    If you haven't heard about our 10 event series, including Motocross and GP's. Then please do a search here and you should be able to find it. Maybe one of you computer savvy fella's could reply and attach a link. Thanks for your attention.
  4. hippiemcgrath

    hippiemcgrath PR Addict

    We are racing tommorrow! It's gonna be a little cold but were racing. The track was great today. Probably the best I've seen it in years. Lots of rutt's some deep, traction was perfect. You could practically lay it down in the turns. Sparky11 is going to track in the turns with the dozer tonite. The start turn is good and wet, so it should be sweet. It's gonna be cold but the track is great. you need to come ride our track at it's best. It'll keep ya comin' back. Hope to see you in the morn. Bamm!

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