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2009 KX450f Stock Exhaust System on a 2007 KX450f?

Discussion in 'General Tech' started by Scoob, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Scoob

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    Nashport, OH
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    Anyone tried it? Thinking that at most, the mid-section bolt won't line up, but by how much? Not looking to jerry rig anything all that much, just trying to put as little in my '07 as possible. Other than that, the $200 mid-pipe for my Ti-4 system from Pro-Circuit doesn't sound all that bad.....

    Yes, I am still talking about fixing my exhaust and haven't done all that much yet other than figure out my mid-pipe it titanium scrap. I'm thinking I need to get on it. Made a trek down ol' Briarcliff Rd. the other day and I ended up talking about the next thing that popped up...... ;)

    The season will be here before we know it......
  2. Schlauch

    Schlauch PR Addict

    Medina, oh
    Im almost positive it wont work. Completely different motors. A friend of mine gernaded the motor in his 06 kx250f and found a new 09 kawi 250f motor cheaper then fixing his. With very minor modifications the motor bolted right in the 06 frame and his stock exhaust bolted right up also, Though the header didnt quiet seal properly and it was sucking air leaning it out. I sold him my stock 09 exhaust to go with his 09 motor and it ran all together cooler and better. Now this is on a 250f and your referring to a 450, but being a whole different motor I wouldn't be surprised if you ran into a similar issue

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