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Lightning raceway harescramble april 3rd

Discussion in 'Race Updates' started by LightningRaceway, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. LightningRaceway

    LightningRaceway PR Addict

    8:00 am: Sign up starts
    8:30 am: Parade lap for pee wees and mini quads
    9:00 am: Pee wee bikes
    9:30 am: Mini quads
    10:00 am: Big bikes
    12:30 pm: Mini bikes
    2:00 pm: Big quads

    physical address:
    82587 craigo rd
    tippecanoe ohio

    for more info call 740-922-1661 or 740-229-0026
  2. Mingo_Kid

    Mingo_Kid PR Member

    Is there a motocross race the same day and time?
    Has there been any open practice yet?
  3. LightningRaceway

    LightningRaceway PR Addict

    toy will need to contact jeff sanders for info on mx. but yes it is same day as our h.s.

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