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big horn indoor mx

Discussion in 'Open Practice' started by bighorn, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. bighorn

    bighorn PR Member

    this was our last weekend for the season. I want to thank everybody that came out and rode. It was an awesome first year. I really appreciate all the positive comments. We will be changing the track up and getting ready to open back up in November. Hope to see you all again. Until then I will see you guys at Briarcliff.
    Thanks everybody.
    I also want to thank everybody that helped me out. Especially Mark and Shannon for keeping things going when I couldn't be there or I just needed a break, thanks Mark. I also want to put a big thanks out to Doug for doing the track prep every week.I want to thank Jeremy Osborne for all his help and advice, I also want to thank Travis Hartshorn for doing such a good job building the track.
    can't wait till next year!
  2. nitrofish

    nitrofish PR Addict

    Big horn

    Jay, thank you for providing us a top notch facilty this winter season. You and all your help did a great job on the track and it's amenities! Jack got a lot of seat time this year and hopefully it will show at the races. Myself, however, yeah I'm old but I drank some fine beverages all winter. See you and Hayden at the cliff and some races!

    The Winlands.
  3. LuckyStar64

    LuckyStar64 PR Addict

    I had fun there myself when I came out on pit bike night. I hope it worked out fiscally well enough that you'll be back in action for next winter. ---L*64

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