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SplitRailSX Closed for good

Discussion in 'Open Practice' started by SplitRailSX, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. SplitRailSX

    SplitRailSX PR Member

    We are now closed for the season. Do to the low turnouts we will no longer be having open practice in the years to come. thanks to everybody that came in the years past.
  2. mxsx063

    mxsx063 PR Addict

    Newark, Ohio
    Racing Number:
    Thanks for the time you were open and really appreciate the track man!! The track was always prepped and nice. Hope of good things to come for you ted. Thanks a bunch man!!
  3. adam63

    adam63 PR Addict

    not yet

    If the only reason you are closing to the public is low turnout then may I make a suggestion? Redesign the track for 90% of the population rather than 10% like it was this year.
    Before ya'll start carrying on I think I am part of the 10% fast crowd that did enjoy the track. The only reason I still ride is because I have a 9 year old that loves it too. He's pretty darn good also but no match for the big gaps this year at splittrail. So what is a dad to do, I didn't want to force him to ride a track he didn't like and possibly ruin him for life. Not to mention if he quits riding so do I. (mom's rules)
    So I say to you Ted, if you build it they will come!
  4. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
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    If gas was cheap I would come. But its not. You can't cater to everyone. Even the wicked fast crowd. Maybe one day you can re open once this country gets back to the way it once was.
  5. Scoob

    Scoob PR Founding Father

    Nashport, OH
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    Yeah, Lack of Desire wasn't the reason I didn't come out this past winter. I didn't ride all winter. Soooo looking forward to this weekend!! :)

    Take care Ted! ;)
  6. nitrofish

    nitrofish PR Addict

    I gotta agree with Adam63 and it was the norm across the board with most riders. I hate to see a track close it's doors, we need you folks as much as you need us. No, you can't please everyone and never will, but it was too extreme for our family this year. So if the only reason is low attendance, try again. Thanks for the ride time and good luck.

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