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Scottie Scavelli Going Home Today

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by RAMJAMMX, Mar 31, 2011.


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    Today is the BIG day for Scottie to go home from Metro. After seeing him & his Dad on Saturday, I'm sure he is ready.....Scottie looks great, has a fantastic attitude and is ready to take the next step in recovery.

    Lets try to stay in touch with him, he is on FB everyday....talk to him, send him a PM

    Also, Moes's restaurant in Avon had a TON of people this past Sat for one of his get togethers. Huge Thanks to everyone that came out. The Motocross family is really showing their support and it is very much appreciated.

    Remember we will have the Bracelets for sale/donation at Amherst Meadowlarks 1st race on April 10. Look me up, I will be there selling them.

    Rae Lynn :)

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