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Tech 8's vs Tech 10's

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by KTMkarl794, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. KTMkarl794

    KTMkarl794 PR Addict

    Lookin at new boots, found a pair of KTM Alpinestar tech 8's that are the most beautiful boot's I've ever seen! But curious what you guys think on the Tech 8's vs. the new Tech 10's. Are they really that much better to justify spending 500!? Ouch!
  2. Bill480

    Bill480 PR Addict

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    I love my Tech 10s.. ankle braces are worth it to me!

    Been looking for a bigger pair as I've had mine for a few too many years
  3. jdio121

    jdio121 Guest

    i like the tech10s better than the 8s 3 buckles vs 4 and im a big fan of the hinge and the feel is better on the brake and shifter, but consider the sidi crossfire srs boot probably the most comfortable boot ive owned and no break in
  4. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
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    I'm a firm believer in the Tech-8's. I just don't feel comfortable in the tech 10's. I feel more like an astronaut. The 8s are stiff enough for me to protect my ankles but also I can feel the shifter too. I can't feel the shifter in Tech 10s and I would tag neutral quite a bit where I wouldn't with the 8s.

    I can't justify the price for them either.
  5. John250

    John250 PR Founding Father

    Xenia, Ohio
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    I have worn nothing but Tech 8s for years. Just bought a new pair again last year. To me they are by far the BEST boot going. Highly suggest the tech 8, the KTM ones look awesome too. Tried to buy my son some of the KTM ones and they were not available until like May, and he needed boots now unfortunately.
  6. hershey

    hershey PR Elite

    Ozone Layer
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    I have had both. Currently I am wearing the 10's and love them. Once I got used to them I wouldn't go back to the 8's. The ankle support is far superior and they are more comfortable to me.
  7. nathan343

    nathan343 PR Member

    I just switched from tech 8's to tech 10's and i like the 10's alot more. The 10's were broke in before i was done with half a day of riding and it was in the cold. I believe the 10's also break in better as far as movement, I dont believe they're as restrictive. The only thing with the 10's you have to get used to is the sole. My tech 8's never really felt that broke in and i wore them for 3 years. also the strap on the 8's that goes over where your foot and shin connect would always rub the crab out of both feet. tech 10's don't have that strap.

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