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YZ 250 exhaust

Discussion in 'General Tech' started by streaks383, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. I just sent out my cylinder today to Eric Gorr to get the 295 kit. I have chosen the mo-betta powerband which smooths the whole thing out and decreases mid range hit a bit. It is being set up for pump gas. I read reviews on the V-Force and Rad Valve and what I have found out is the Rad Valve has more mid top hit than the v force does but both make improvements all around. So I have the V-Force and a flywheel weight already. I noticed today my pro circuit works pipe has cracked on the inside so I will be getting a new exhaust combo. BUT WHICH ONE? I talked to Eric and he said the DEP combo made 5 more ponies on the dyno than any other. But when I looked at the chart on TT it was all top end and even fell below other pipes on the bottom and mid. I am looking for my bike to be very rideable, I am not a pro so I don't have the ability to keep the thing screaming all the time. I want a smooth and useable powerband. So does anyone have any opinions on pipe/silencer combos???? Bills, PC, DEP, GYTR, Stock, one of the vast assortment of FMF (except SST, he said that is a no no).
  2. baxterj787

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    Xenia, OH
    Why not just have the crack welded and save $? What do you have to lose?
  3. I have been rolling that around my only reservation is will it degrade the original performance.
  4. TCracing

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    I would fix the Pipe, That won't effect the performance enough to notice at all. plus it s on the inside so not visible.
    Then go and buy a bigger rear sprocket say 51 or 52 tooth and pair that with a smaller front sprocket 12 Tooth.
    This will gear it down and give you more torque. You will loose top speed as a trade off, But that doesn't matter because most people can't ride that bike pinned out in fourth gear, let alone hang it out in fifth. Doing so you might get into fifth once in a while, and at least you'll feel faster. LOL
    This will give you what you are looking for and cause less stress on your chain and sprockets giving them a little longer life too.
    Good luck
  5. Okay thanks guys, I will get the pipe repaired. I just went one down on the front and I will try that before I go too extreme with the gearing. I usually ride at Western Reserve and I grab forth there in a couple of sections with stock gearing. If that is not enough I will gear down further.

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