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Amanda Brown 293. Going Pro???

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by RichY, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. RichY

    RichY PR Addict

    The rumor I heard at Steel City is that Amanda Brown has the points to go Pro.
    If so, this is very good news.
    Under challenging conditions, Amanda took 1st in both motos.

    With Taylor Levic 424 and Raeslee Weimer 74 at the gate, Miss Brown had to work for the holeshot.

    Best looking rider and bike goes to 396 Mary Michaels.
  2. dicksen697

    dicksen697 Noob

    how do you get points in womens class to be pro i heard you had to be top 3 at a regionals or top 10 at lorettas
  3. RichY

    RichY PR Addict

    I do not know, like I said, it's A rumor I heard.
    If it's true, I wish her the best. She worked for it.

    2008 Englishtown 1st
    2009 Budds Creek 1st
    2009 Elizabeth City 1st
    2010 Thunder Valley 3rd
  4. Lotts24

    Lotts24 PR Elite

    Macedonia, OH
    Racing Number:
    I couldn't find anything new than 09, but here was the requirments then.

    2 top 5 finishes in WMA amateur "B" Class
    Top 10 at LL
    2 top 3 at LL Region

    Looks like she is in :)

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