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craigslist add... wtf?

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by Willmott263, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Willmott263

    Willmott263 PR Member

    I sold this bike last october, it popped up on craigslist the other day. got a kick out of the description, not as good as the kx250f that was posted a few months ago but still...
    a Hyso clutch? sounds cool, kinda want one.
  2. Scotty810

    Scotty810 PR Addict

    Dayton, Ohio
    You mean you didn't put the Hyso clutch in it? I thought you added that when you put in a new powerband?
  3. Bornhorst751

    Bornhorst751 PR Member

  4. Willmott263

    Willmott263 PR Member

    he claims that he has all the paperwork for the motor, he doesnt. says that its from motor werks and from pa... its a pro action motor. thats the big pa on the jug. thought about buying the thing back but he wants $500 more than what he paid.
  5. Speaking of power band, I wonder if this guy has the yellow, red or the blue one.


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